When you need high-quality turned parts and parts for industrial processes, you can rely on Dalmulder Fijnmetaal. We specialize in small and complex turning operations and can perform these operations on a variety of materials including plastics and metals.Profitieren Sie von unserer Expertise.

Turning is an indispensable technique in metalworking. Turning is about cutting material through rotary motion. Different shapes and sizes can be produced by using different tools and techniques. Turning is used to manufacture a wide variety of products, from small parts to large machine parts. It is a craft that requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to achieve a good result. Precision and accuracy are of great importance when turning.

That is why it is important to work with high-quality machines and tools, and experienced professionals who know how to work with them. Turning is possible for both single pieces and large series. Depending on the desired quantity and complexity of the product, you can opt for CNC-controlled turning or conventional turning. With CNC-controlled turning, the process is carried out fully automatically by the machine, while with conventional turning the craftsman operates the machine manually. 

Turning remains a dynamically important technique due to the continuous development of new techniques and materials.

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