We specialize in serial metalworking, where we supply specific products for each customer. Whether it concerns simple or high-quality precision mechanical processing of metal, in small or large series, we master the highly specialized profession. But we certainly don’t turn our hand to smaller series or simpler operations.

When we talk about metalworking at Dalmulder Fijnmetaal, we can say that as a team we are very experienced in various forms of metalworking. Our focus is on producing high-quality precision parts for various industries.

To be able to produce these parts, we use different processing processes. We have advanced machines and tools at our disposal to carry out these processes as accurately as possible. At Dalmulder Fijnmetaal we attach great importance to quality and accuracy.

That is why we always work according to the highest norms and standards, such as EN 10204-2400-B-801. Our team consists of qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to ensuring that our products meet our customers’ specifications.

Our customers appreciate our flexibility and fast turnaround times. We understand that deadlines are important and we do everything we can to ensure that we meet our commitments. In addition, we think it is important to communicate openly and transparently with our customers, so that they are always aware of the progress of their project. All in all, we can say that at Dalmulder Fijnmetaal as a team we are very passionate about metalworking and do everything we can to deliver the highest quality and accuracy to our customers.

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