Are you looking for high-quality milling work? Then you have come to the right place at Dalmulder Fine Metal. We have years of experience in realizing both simple and complex shapes with the greatest precision. Our modern machinery is equipped with the latest technologies, which enables us to deliver the best quality.

We specialize in high quality precision milling for various industries including Food Industry, General Machinery etc. We use state of the art CNC milling machines equipped with the latest technologies and software enabling highly complex shapes and structures with a high degree of precision and consistency can be produced.

We have our own quality control department where all produced parts are checked for dimensions and tolerances. Measuring equipment such as CMM machines and optical measuring equipment are used for this. Dalmulder Fijnmetaal has a strong focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness and therefore works with recycled materials and green energy. We strive for a minimal impact on the environment and try to work as sustainably as possible on all fronts. 

With our extensive knowledge and expertise in precision milling, we are able to serve our customers’ needs in a customized manner.

Would you like to discover what Dalmulder Fijnmetaal can do for you?