Our measuring room is a crucial part of the production process and plays an essential role in ensuring the quality of the parts produced. It is a specially designed and equipped space dedicated to accurate measurement and quality control to deliver quality.

Advanced measuring instruments and equipment are available within the measuring room to perform detailed measurements and analyses. One of the most important instruments in the measuring room is the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). This machine enables three-dimensional measurements, enabling the quality controllers to evaluate the dimensions and tolerances of the parts with great accuracy.

In addition to the CMM, other measuring equipment and optical measuring instruments are also available. These are used to check surface finish, shape characteristics and other important properties of the parts. Highly trained and experienced quality controllers work in the measuring room.

They have in-depth knowledge of measurement techniques and are well acquainted with the applicable quality standards and specifications. We carry out thorough inspections to ensure that each part meets the required quality standards and customer specifications.

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