We have experienced, well-trained employees and modern and well-maintained machinery. Our organization and our machinery are equipped to offer our customers fast communication, flexibility, speed of production and short delivery times. This results in competitive prices and high delivery reliability.

Our machine park includes a wide range of advanced machines, including CNC milling machines and lathes. These machines enable the company to carry out both high-quality milling and turning work.

Dalmulder Fijnmetaal’s CNC milling machines are equipped with advanced software and tools, enabling them to mill complex shapes and structures with great precision. Whether for prototypes, small series or large-scale production, the CNC milling machines offer flexibility and efficiency in the processing of various materials, such as metals, plastics and composites.

In addition to the milling work, Dalmulder Fijnmetaal also has high-quality lathes. These machines allow them to perform precision turning operations, where the material rotates as the tool cuts and shapes the workpiece. This makes it possible to produce parts with round shapes, cylinders, threads and other complex geometries.

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