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Dalmulder Fijnmetaal was founded in 1998 and has since specialized in supplying accurate CNC turning and milling parts to renowned customers in various markets. With a solid background in the supply industry, we continuously strive for excellence in our products and services. Our team of expert professionals is ready to meet your specific needs and deliver high-quality solutions. We are proud of our long history of customer satisfaction and remain committed to providing high quality metalworking solutions.

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We specialize in serial metalworking, where we supply specific products for each customer. Whether it concerns simple or high-quality precision mechanical processing of metal, in small or large series, we master the highly specialized profession. But we certainly don't turn our hand to smaller series or simpler operations.

Turning of metal

If you need high-quality turned parts and parts for industrial processes, you can rely on Dalmulder Fijnmetaal. We specialize in both small and complex turning work and can perform these operations with various materials, including plastics and metals. Take advantage of our expertise.

Metal milling

Are you looking for high-quality milling work? Then Dalmulder Fine Metal is the right place for you. We have years of experience in realizing both simple and complex shapes with the greatest precision. Our modern machinery is equipped with the latest technologies, enabling us to deliver.


We have experienced, well-trained employees and modern and well-maintained machinery. Our organization and our machinery are equipped to offer our customers fast communication, flexibility, speed of production and short delivery times. This results in competitive prices and high delivery reliability.



Serdal Elmas is general manager of Dalmulder Fijnmetaal. With years of experience and an unparalleled commitment to quality and customer service, Serdal has built his business into a highly regarded supplier of quality metal products and services.




Marcel Behr, the passionate manager at Dalmulder Fijnmetaal, is a visionary leader who inspires the team with his expertise and dedication. His determination and professionalism lead to success, with quality and customer satisfaction always being paramount.


Quality manager

Marco Vollebregt, Quality manager at Dalmulder Fijnmetaal, is a dedicated professional who strictly monitors the quality of each product. With his in-depth knowledge and systematic approach, he ensures the highest standards and satisfaction of our customers.


Business office

Julia Bakarbessy guarantees the smooth execution of operations within the Business Office of Dalmulder Fijnmetaal with the utmost care and efficiency. Her excellent organizational skills and attention to detail lead to successful planning and coordination.