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We specialize in serial metalworking, where we supply specific products for each customer. Whether it concerns simple or high-quality precision mechanical processing of metal, in small or large series, we master the highly specialized profession. But we certainly don't turn our hand to smaller series or simpler operations.


If you need high-quality turned parts and parts for industrial processes, you can rely on Dalmulder Fijnmetaal. We specialize in both small and complex turning work and can perform these operations with various materials, including plastics and metals. Take advantage of our expertise.


Are you looking for high-quality milling work? Then Dalmulder Fine Metal is the right place for you. We have years of experience in realizing both simple and complex shapes with the greatest precision. Our modern machinery is equipped with the latest technologies, enabling us to deliver.

Measuring chamber

Our measuring room is a crucial part of the production process and plays an essential role in ensuring the quality of the parts produced. It is a specially designed and equipped room dedicated to precise measurements and quality control.


With us, we offer high-quality precision engraving for metal parts. With years of experience and expertise, we create precise markings on various metal materials, offering a distinctive finishing option.


We specialize in supplying high-quality sawing for metal. With state-of-the-art sawing machines and extensive metalworking expertise, we are able to make precise cuts for a wide variety of metals.

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